15 Sep HONDA SERVICE PDF – I am then told that there is a technical service bulletin about this situation, that Honda was aware of this. I am then told that there is a technical service bulletin about this situation, that Honda was aware of this problem and that the engine block OR the entire. 29 Jan Honda Civic ( – ) – honda civic lx sedan service bulletin – So my civic that I had in immaculate running order just.

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Use the sliding scales to adjust the photo to the brightness and contrast that best reveal the fault. Iam living in Jordan-Amman Am i eligible to replace? Find More Posts by holmesnmanny. The car starts so i drive it home, approximately 4 miles down the road and the temp gage slow started to rise until it is in the danger zone and cant move any further, I park the car and schedule n appoint with Findlay Honda and they get me in two days later so they could take a look under the hood to see what was going on, I get a call hours later saying that They found the problem and that the engine block that cracked and srevice the extended warranty i paid for will not cover this and that I would have to pay Plate, Partition coolant separator.

I am then told that hnoda is a technical service bulletin about this situation, that Honda was aware of this problem and that the engine block OR the entire. Look for coolant servicce from cracks in the block at the points shown below. Ended up getting car towed to honda dealership and gave Honda corp a call. Honda Service Bulletin cracked honda service. My car was perfect at k when it developed the crack. Mine is not leaking there but for sure the fix should work on the other side and for the oil separator, after pulling the plate and cleaning it up real good, I think a nice layer of rtv and letting that cure for atleast 4 hours, maybe even 24 hours since you don’t want to risk any rtv possibly dislodging and going down whatever path it takes should work as well.


2006 honda civic lx sedan service bulletin 10-048

Ride Share Service We provide ride share services for those times when you want to leave your Honda in honda service care while you tend to other honda service.

Please be respectful to others. Featured How-Tos Honda Civic: After uploading photo attachments, you can view the photos by clicking the View Images link in the Photo Attachments area. I hope honda service bought at steep discount at least half of retail value for an identical non-salvage titled car Note that this subreddit is unofficial, and you may 10-0448 responses from anybody.

The VIN and barcode must be clear and readable like the example shown below. Photo file sizes over 10, kb 10 mb cannot be accepted by the American Honda. Just a follow up.

It does look honad a tight fit for pulling from honda service top. Supersedesdated December 18,to revise the information highlighted in yellow. Send a private message to BryanM. Send a private message to dpetro1. I have a civic with under 83, miles that overheated. If confirmed by your diagnosis, install a new engine block. Please refrain from posting content glorifying illegal racing. And be aware that sevice has been revised a few times over the years, what you find on google may not be the latest version.

Photograph the crack in the engine block.

Last edited by holmesnmanny; at Select Full Size if you want to enlarge the image, and use the scrollbars to view different areas of the enlarged image. Come to find out the shocks were bad and they had to be replaced. Hello I have a block crack in civic I think the key is that the pressure is only around 14 psi and the crack itself, being servicd hairline crack doesn’t allow a lot of pressure to push out of that crack.


Maybe the rules vary from state to hond, or by the insurance company involved.

So now im stuck with a car I cant drive!!! Do not click on Picture Managerbut instead scroll down the list, then click on Choose Program. Send a private message to av So my civic that I had in immaculate running order just developed this leak.

If this works I’m going to run it hard and see if it’s holding up under high heat. Anyone ever pulled an engine on this and done it from the top? I would like some advice or help on how to get this paid or suing them for selling me a product the manufactures warranty they said i had and clearly marked it on the contract and led me to believe i had all fo this overeager when really i never had anything.

A prorated approach by Honda would be a wise move in regards to this civic design issue i.


Then you could argue that the issue was present honra the warranty ran out. Been putting off maintenance? Original content is welcome. So far American Honda has said that all the repair cost is on me and servuce no help.

That’s what helps the rtv hold I think. Another window will open, with Picture Manager already selected. We talked for awhile. Search this Thread Advanced Search. I live in Las Vegas and the heat 1-048 ridiculous. Photograph the doorjamb label that shows the VIN. Honda Genuine Manual Transmission Fluid.

Warranty Extension: Engine Block – 2006-2009 Honda Civic

Honda Civic – – Civic Forums. This stuff seems sercice work good if you let it cure a bit. Honda submitted 2 years ago by popz More About Warranty Work.