Fortunately I love excel, and he did emphasise how much of the course is made up of it, so I’m actually looking forward to it. What was the content like? Nick, sling the course coordinator an email with a reason or two on why you can’t attend a certain tutorial. I get them through gmail and it says it hasn’t been able to retrieve them since december It’s likely to be announced this year too.

My times are 10am, 3pm and 5: Having so much fun right now. FWIW I got 6s in both, as a mech engg, limited study etc. Don’t leave it to the last minute. So how will I know when they have credited? Most people I think wrote out entire past exams I did and it got me through the exam.

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The timing works out fine though and I think I prefer it this way as I might be able to get an even later start on Mondays now: While I’m here does anybody have experience with equity bursary scholarships, or know about how available they are?

Thank you very much!

You can generally look at the older ones to get a good idea of what happens. A little birdy told me that students can see timetables from midday Thursday the 10th and that staff already have access via sinet.

The resource cannot be found.

I have my list of subjects I want to do but it is currently in pols essay writing guide uq wrong location and i was thinking of moving some things around Not a ground-breaking course. I’m sure I’ll here all about it soon enough. All the lecture slides were on blackboard though, and any important announcements about assessment too.

Only sucky thing so far was the pols essay writing guide uq this morning Went past the other day and looks as if its coming along nicely. Does anybody have info on specific sign on times? It seems they had come in the carriage with their reverend relative, and had been conducting a rummaging scrutiny of the room upstairs, while he transacted business with the housekeeper, questioned the laundress, and lectured the superintendent.

It’s nothing like math courses, I find those easy to pay attention to. Additional tutes offered that way usually seem to pols essay writing guide uq to established tutors, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. You can go onto the course list and follow that. This is for CHIN tutorials. You will appreciate a semester of only 3 subjects when you’re doing a semester of advanced courses. A list of equipped venues is found here.

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First-year Bsc here and I did the nooby thing of not paying attention to signons and leaving it until way too late. All i could see were a billion macs lol. Co-Op Bookshop usually sells the Uni apparel, although I have pols essay writing guide uq idea about department specific stuff. Michael jackson essay in hindi pdf coursework merriam theater psychology dissertation apa format quote to pols essay writing guide uq a mockingbird essay body paragraph do masters degree coursework vs research library Wyatt: No second signon, but it stays open so people will be changing their plans all the time.

Anyone doing ACCT this sem?

According to this link, sign-on begins week of Feb 4. If you have trouble with the forms try a different browser. You just have to be merely enrolled in the subject to get the recorded lectures etc then I hope? Is pols essay writing guide uq anyone here doing ECON this sem?

I had planned to come to uni only two days a week https: ECON is very content heavy, one textbook chapter for each lecture.

Why don’t you email the course coordinator and ask if you can switch to another tute? I’d imagine you can just email your study plan to the school and ask them to have an academic advisor check it over and pols essay writing guide uq you back I am considering doing it this semester enrolled in it currentlyhowever have not done Maths C at school.

Is enrolment already opened for continuing students for semester 1 ? Where do we get that done? Have a look at pols essay writing guide uq site.

November 15, Read Jeffrey M. Is it normal for a signon to be open after uni starts? The University of Queensland is in the process of implementing a new class timetabling system. Mon and Wed are both 6pm finishes: With our expanding wireless footprint you’ll also be able to use your quota in more places than ever before.

So unless you have any spare slots or need to make up the required units or you really want to do it, it might be better off doing something more applicable to your degree. No accounting concepts were really taught in the subjects. Haven’t done it but pols essay writing guide uq looks like you’d have to, my friend is picking this class and he said they only had the workshop. The last versions sent to some schools were riddled with errors, courses clashing with themselves and teaching staff in 2 places at once.