She faces racism from some of characters she meets along the way. Although she may suffer from senility due to old age, Phoenix does not allow these hallucinations to stop her from getting to town to get medicine for her grandson. One major physical hardship is the fact that Phoenix is most likely blind. Although Phoenix does have her grandson, many parts of Welty’s short story suggest that Phoenix has been effectively alone in times of strife before. At the same time, readers observe how Phoenix uses her tragic lifetime as a justification to be selfish.

It seemed that Phoenix was insane, and that she thought her grandson was still alive and he needed the medicine for his throat when he was dead and gone. Compare and Contrast Comparing]. She is an old Negro woman who has seen a lot in her lifetime. Since it is Christmas time, the nurse offers to give Phoenix “a few pennies out of my purse” p. Many people see a tiny edible piece as just another item to eat, but Catholics that attend church see it as a religious piece that symbolizes the body of Christ. She refused to give up, despite the odds against her, to help her grandson

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His name is Christian Gimenez. These stories include great characterization, description of elements in the stories, and the point of view.

Phoenix draws upon her perseverance and willingness to sacrifice herself to help her throughout her journey, but it is the undying love for her grandson that truly guides and drives her to her final goal The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost and A Worn Path, by Eudora Welty – Throughout this course, I have discovered that literature is more than just words being brought together by an author to form an emotionally charged story.

At the end of the first paragraph, Welty perhaps refers to the legend of the Phoenix, the bird who regenerates and rises up out of its own ashes at the appointed time. She lives in the pinewoods and faces the challenging experience of walking through the snowy, frozen earth to get to the hospital in the city of Natchez What was a poor, elderly sick woman doing gallivanting in the forest during the dead of winter. Her role in society is an old black woman in a white world, though she is not ashamed of thesis statement for a worn path by eudora welty inferior position.

Thesis statement for the “Worn Path.” I need help writing a thesis statement for the “Worn Path.”

As doing so she helps the reader understand it more sufficiently and to show that what is going on is still happening today. When she was walking down the path she was talking to herself, and to the animals and plants. Symbolism is to use symbols to represent ideas and qualities.

Welty’s entry into the story sets the scene for a depiction of the loneliness Phoenix experiences on the journey she makes for the sole purpose of getting medicine for her grandson. A rose symbolizes romance and love. The free English Composition research paper Critical Analysis on “A Worn Path” essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

But, what hasn’t been addressed is the fact that Eudora Welty didn’t just leave the symbolism to Christ alone. The weather itself is unfortunate, “It was December – a bright frozen day in the early morning” p. But this is no normal old woman. Perhaps thesis statement for a worn path by eudora welty it was not a holiday time of year, the lady would not have been so obliging, but this fact does not stop Phoenix from getting to the doctor’s office with laced shoes.

She did not dare to close her eyes and when a little boy brought her a plate with a slice of marble cake on it she spoke to him. Symbolism is a literary technique that adds meaning to a story by using an event or object as a symbol to represent something else. Determination, Worn Path, Eudora Welty, ].

She faces many roadblocks along her way.

He does not even stop to think that thesis statement for a worn path by eudora welty small child, loved greatly by Phoenix, waits for her at home. The noises Phoenix Jackson is making are compared to the “chirping of a solitary little bird” p. Upon reading the story, you realize that there is more to the story than meets the eye. Phoenix just comes out of the woods to a steep hill and says, ” Seems like there is chains about my feet, time I get this far” p.

The rural, Southern setting of “A Worn Path” is an important component in understanding Eudora Welty’s thematic aim regarding the inhumanity inherent in race and class division in the American South.

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Welty shows how Phoenix endures the hardship and pain of climbing the hill and does not let it keep her from making the trip. In A Worn Path by Eudora Welty an elderly African American woman named Phoenix Jackson picks a cold December day to make yet another perilous journey to a near by city to get medicine for her ailing grandson Perhaps the process begins again, like the life of a phoenix does, whenever she goes to town: Symbolic References in A Worn Path by Eudora Welty – Symbolism, it can be used for many things, such as expressing meaning, feelings, or emotions through an object by the author.

Thus you thesis statement for a worn path by eudora welty use the following thesis statement: The main character in the story, Phoenix Jackson, is an old black woman who seeks out to find medicine for her sick nephew.

Great support No Plagiarism. She is like a bird.

You will also see symbolism when you see a navy blue star or when you see a eagle face, a football fan may look at that star as The Dallas Cowboys Team and the eagles head as the Philadelphia Eagles Team During this particular journey, she encounters many stumbling blocks, real-life hardships, temptations, lies, aggressions and racism When you take a look at the morals of the stories you are able to have better understanding of what took place with the two characters, Miss Emily and Phoenix Jackson.

This statement tells the reader that there is thesis statement for a worn path by eudora welty one else who can lace Phoenix’s shoes for her.