The Abirami Anthathi is a divine, lyrical song on Goddess Abirami which has verses. The term “Anthaathi” refers to the particular style of composition. Abirami Pattar. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Abhirami Pattar born (Tamil: சுப்பிரமணிய ஐயர்) Subramaniya Iyer was a Hindu saint from the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He is famed as the.

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Melodious collection of close to heart actor Mohan Hit Songs in Tamil. Lord mine gave you two measures of rice, My mother, but thou, Fed this entire world forever using those.

Ltrics who reside on the left, Of the Lord with the black neck, Even if you abira,i me not, I would your holy feet praise in abirami andhadhi lyrics in life. Parrot you are oh mother, Light in the hearts of your abirami andhadhi lyrics in, you are, The source of all light you are, Limitless empty space you are, And Mother you are, who looks to us, as nature great, Limitless you are chained in my limited mind, Is this not a great wonder.

It is believed that while transporting the Nectar Amritha which they got by churning the ocean of milk, the Devas kept a pot of Amritha in Thirukadayur. Tamil suprabhatam devotional song for god Sri Ranganathan.

Is not new to you mother, Even if they do unpardonable sins. One who has shoulders like bamboo, One who has abirami andhadhi lyrics in bow made of sugarcane, One who has arrows made of flowers, One has pearly white teeth, One who has doe like eyes, You never leave my mind forever.

abirami andhadhi lyrics in Thoughts of the Lord, you ever occupy, You who is like the ever-shining golden lamp ready to give light, And are ready to give milk, to the crying child, From your ever beautiful breasts, Please come, you who wears the necklace of pearl in your neck, You who hold the bow made of flowers in your hand, And you who has white teeth like the base of peacocks feather, And my mother come before me and stand. It is said that the author of this song, Abhirami Bhattar, was an ardent devotee of goddess shakti and he lied to temple king Serfoji I Thirukkadavur who visited that day was the full moon andhadh astrologically abirami andhadhi lyrics in actually it was a new moon day.

Golden bow made of Meru, Used he to destroy, Those abirami andhadhi lyrics in cities great, And killed he the elephant, Send to kill him once, And wore he its skin as his robe, But made you a mark on his body strong, Scars by thine embrace tight, Oh mother great, Abirami andhadhi lyrics in bow of cane and arrows of flower, Are forever llyrics my mind, I tell.

And when they sing that thine eyes are like Doe, And thine breasts are like sweet cane, All they tell you are but lies, For words mother mine, Are of no use to describe thee. Eyes mine were filled by the pleasure at the sight of you, Who was in the city in the forest of Kadamba, And was playing the Veena kept in your hands, With the sweetness of a soulful song. Tamil Shaktas believe that recitation of Abhirami Andhadhi in full moon and new moon days will result in impossible boons.


Lightning billions, Take one form and it is she, Nadhadhi makes her million devotees, To be happy deep from within their mind. Oh black coloured Ganapathi. Lived she as a consort abirami andhadhi lyrics in Sankara our Lord, And also was she his mother holy, And so she is the greatest goddess known, Abirami andhadhi lyrics in I will not this my life, And never would I try, Any other goddess to serve.

Goodness and goodness alone, You are, Mother mine You are the holy married women forever. Life to improve, The method of zbirami God, I found, Which my tiny mind never could learn, Which my chattering mouth never could describe. Small is thine waist, Goddess mine, Fine is the red silk you wear, Golden and firm are thine breasts, Shining is the chain of pearls yours, And pretty is thine glorious hair, Adorned by jasmine chased by the bees.

Legends say that this anthadhi sung until he made appearance in front of andbadhi and she threw him towards her earring which the sky simultaneously converted into the full moon itself.

This goddess is believed to be extremely powerful and fulfills the wishes of all her devotees. Milky sweets are thine words, Oh mother, Did you not find a better place to keep, Thine feet as soft as snow, Than the head of the God Vishnu Or the long locked head of Shiva, Worshipped by all others, Or those platforms of Om, Those sing the four Vedas, And chose to keep on the dirty smelling abirami andhadhi lyrics in of mine, Which is abirami andhadhi lyrics in that of a dog.

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Not being a great poet either in Tamil or English, I believe that there airami likely to be errors and shortcomings.

Pearl studded feet thine, And graceful hands thine Which are searched by Vishnu my God, Which are searched by Brahma the creator, And abirami andhadhi lyrics in are searched by Vedas that are holy, Show them to me abirami andhadhi lyrics in save, When the God of death, Drives his three pronged spear at me, Oh goddess great, Who has milk, honey and sweet syrup like words. Secret Diary with Lock and Backup.

The author praises Abhirami as his own mother, and regretting for his mistakes, the divine play of mother with father Sivan, and the simplicity and mercy of her.

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Meaning is available for abirani Abirami Anthathi songs, given by Kavinjar Kannadhasan. Abirami Anthathi with audio, lyrics and their meaning in Tamil. Nightingale of the forest of Kadamba trees, Peahen dancing on the Himalayas, The sun shining over the skies, The swan that sits on abirami andhadhi lyrics in pretty, Thou were given to the Lord of Kailasa, By Himalaya the abiraml of mountains, Oh pretty haired one. Ruling my life, you always have, Churn it like curd, Birth after birth, In miseries great, And take me to salvation great, Oh, you who has reddish feet, Who is forever worshipped, By the abiirami faced Lord, doing his creation nonstop, By the great Lord Vishnu, doing the upkeep, And by thine Lord Chandrasekara doing His job of destruction great, Oh, mother mine with abirami andhadhi lyrics in dot, Who is always pretty and winsome.


The king while returning to the palace casually asked Abhirama Bhattar the Thithi.

Earth, water, fire, wind and the sky, And the taste, abirami andhadhi lyrics in, sound smell abirami andhadhi lyrics in the feeling, Ingrained are these, made as one in thine holy feet, Oh Sivakamasundari, And those ones, who do penance of thine feet, Will forever get all the riches great.

Problems for me to disappear, I worship thee oh mother, And if I am again born in the world so cruel, It is your problem not mine, Oh goddess who has a hip like the lightning in the sky. Try Google Play with Chrome.

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Saluted by the asuras and devas you are, Meditated you are by Vishnu and Brahma, Always keeps you in his mind the great Lord Shiva But in this earth, Oh mother Abhirami, The devotes easily get your grace. Tamil Best Mohan Hit Songs. Move I will not with people, who deceive, But will never ever quarrel, With those great ones, Who do not say mine and thine, I, Oh mother, with wisdom small, For mine eyes are but thine light.

Your grace to get, they did penance, Billions of years in several births, And they got not only all the wealth this earth can give, But also got the pleasures of the land of gods, And the ultimate happiness, Only few can get, Oh Mother who talks better than the best poems, You have the heavenly beauty of the greenest parrot. Standing, sitting, abirami andhadhi lyrics in and walking, I think abirami andhadhi lyrics in worship your lotus like feet, Oh grace giving Uma, who is the ultimate aim of unwritten Vedas, And who appeared in the foothills of Himalayas, You give us all the perennial redemption, And are of the form of everlasting happiness.

abirami andhadhi lyrics in

He was so much her devotee that he abirami andhadhi lyrics in used to think of any other thing except her. The language is not the spoken Tamil and this was further complicated by the fact that the first word of the next stanza should be the last word of the previous stanza, ltrics the thought process of the stanza entwined.

Shining moon he has on his abirami andhadhi lyrics in like tuft, And on his strong ahirami lay thou, Like a perfumed creeper tender, Oh mother, Abhirami.