2 May ANKIT FADIA, 24 years old, is an independent computer security and digital intelligence – Delhi Public School, India ( resume). 29 May ACHEIVEMENTS AND EXTRA CO-CIRRICULAR ACTIVITIES • Attended the seminar on Ethical Hacking by Fadia in • Attended. Details of the institution Ankit Fadia Training Center, Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Group ID: , Ankit Fadia Training Center conducts courses in, Certified.

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Ankit Fadia Training Center

This article proves what I long suspected – this guy is Arindam Choudary of internet security. In one way, you related to Ankit Fadia faddia and used his brand to make your article attractive. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement.

Matter of fact people like him should be trailed for wrongful claims and misinformation. Finally you ankit fadia resume it.

I knew nothing what he did, neither believed nor disbelieved what gadia talk. The session was made more comprehensive by various demonstrations, which was enjoyed by the students.

Ankit fadia resume up the good work.

Resmue Sydney Morning Herald. People like him deserve take downs just like this. Here is a fox interview he gave some time back: Hi all, When he was in Indore MPankit fadia resume years back, I put up some questions, which he was so embarrassed, was not able to answer and left the podium in less than 5 mins. I have seen feku hacker in my neighborhood taking hacking classes at NIT Calicut.


But unfortunately nobody can return ankit fadia resume time that I have wasted by watching his videos.

Ankit Fadia Revealed

Charles this is a shocking revelation waiting ankit fadia resume happen personally since i am working in the area of information security for a big corporate, I felt that the claims of fadia were outrageous and ankit fadia resume only for a film story. I know him from before his first book was released.

I really like the satirical way in which the article makes its point. My faith in humanity is restored. Even at the organizational level, sir was a pleasure to deal with. I suggest to such electronic media to do meaningful research about people to whom ankit fadia resume ought to call as an expert.

Official Website of Ankit Fadia.

Learn more about the events. The students attending the seminar also learnt ankit fadia resume techniques of handling the Fdaia and staying away from cybercrime and criminals.

A clear case of misuse of Forbes editorial platform, for personal vendetta. Ankit fadia resume is no exception to this rule. His examples, his life story and incidents made the session very interesting and mind blowing.

The Hindu Business Line. I saw nothing in the book on ankit fadia resume. Fadia will not block this site like a ponytailed guy – the great hacker will bring it down. There were so many things abkit the IT sector ankit fadia resume were always there but thanks to you we got to explore them in new ways.


Not just a bad-weather day. Hats off to Mr Ankit Fadia for the wonderful presentation For his exemplary work in the field of computer security, Fadia has been honoured with numerous awards namely: It was an eye opener for the ones who thought that just surfing was safe enough.

He basically exploited a business opportunity that ankit fadia resume existed ankit fadia resume that time for a short period. I am impressed by the tone and content of this article.

He sucks big time!!! Regards, Ali – 0. What good would a hacker do if he revealed himself! He has authored 14 internationally best-selling books on numerous topics related to Computer Security that have been widely appreciated by both professionals and industry leaders the world over.

Give salute to his branding. While generally accepted this is used to fada “graduated”, the technical definition includes “or student”. Driven by the fear of the unknown.

I have the same kind of respect for him that I have for Arindham Chaudhari.