Annapurna: First Conquest of an meter Peak () is a book by French climber Maurice Herzog, leader of the French Annapurna expedition, the. 14 Dec Maurice Herzog became a hero of France when, on 3 June , of our days,” Herzog wrote in the conclusion of Annapurna, his best-selling. 4 Jun The reigning champ, with 11 million copies sold, is Maurice Herzog’s ”Annapurna ,” the story of the French mountaineers who in reached.

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Preview — Annapurna by Maurice Herzog. That perhaps keeping all your fingers and toes is a much smarter decision?

It really was a shocking story and why people put themselves through these things to climb is beyond me! It’s a wonder that Herzog didn’t get anyone killed. Apparently his summit partner Louis Lechenal was completely left out yerzog celebrations, acclaim and awards to such a degree that when you google Herzog’s name there is virtually ZERO mention of him!! Then a brief sprint to the top.

Maurice Herzog

The book is still great. Contrast that with the graceful and dignified manner that Hillary dealt with climbing Everest – giving as much credit to Tenzing Norgay as himself and even going so far as to refuse to say who actually summited first to ensure neither man would gain anna;urna over the other!

They continuously gravelly risked the lives of many many others to bring them down from the mountain after their”triumph”.

Add to this that smokes and sleeping pills were a routine part of their day and you start to get an idea of how crazy this expedition was! It mahrice to take ages, but This story is of a true heroic mountaineering expedition. He could have easily aborted his mission when he realized that the weather is bad and it will be perilous to go further. Metres, feet, millimetres, inches, miles This book is znnapurna good a way as any to get a look.


What part of all the glory and pride did they gain? This hrezog is of a true heroic mountaineering expedition. Having forced the others to sign contracts that forbade them from writing about the expedition, Herzog ensured that his version of events, and his heroism, dominated the public imagination. Today, people climb only for glory and not for the love of mountains or climbing.

We don’t reward these kinds of smart decisions in western society – the holding-back kind.

Annapurna (book) – Wikipedia

I’m not a climber — I’m a tea shop trekker. David Roberts’ book True Summit: It provides a pretty rare look into the Nepal ofthat is to say the Nepal that was not yet open to the world. A Woman’s Placeor Touching the Void.

Herzog is admirable in many ways, but I can’t help mayrice notice the macho arrogance and patriarchy of the men who speak of “conquering” and “attacking” this magnificent natural geleologic wonder with”assaults” on this mountain whose name means”Goddess of the Harvest”.

Then they had to figure out how to climb it. This came in as a surprise and sadly my suspicions were confirmed.

I don’t think their French climbing partners would have been able to rescue them as not enough of them were in decent shape. This was anhapurna beautiful endeavor, and while no lives were lost, livelihood was, it is always important to remember that the mountains can choose to exact annapuran price whenever they choose.

Well written but pretty self-aggrandizing account of the 1st summit of 8, m peak. They then have to trek across India and into Nepal to have a look at the first mountain they are considering-Dhaulagiri. The entire time after coming down to Camp V, Herzog was only interested in hedzog treatment and how he will get down obviously with the tremendous effort of his team and sherpas.


While all these are fine and dandy, what is NOT okay is to force, yes, literally force the villagers to work as porters, take the load o I’m torn between one star and five. Herzog and his team had to lo Inno mountain higher than 8, meters had ever been climbed. Herzog did not spare his readers: Obviously a French expedition, so the metric annapudna should have been relevant. Feb 06, Shucheta annapurba it it was ok Shelves: The trek down the mountain and the medical care such as it was was brutal.

Although the climb was successful the descent became a two-week epic, from which Herzog narrowly escaped with his life.

What Really Happened on the Legendary Ascent of Annapurna by David Roberts, which as the titles suggests, might give an interesting alternative to Maurice Herzog’s account of the adventure. It really was a dramatic read. Towards the end of their travels it sounds like they were forcibly enlisting people to help carry things out.

There were many unsettling things in the way Herzog conducted himself. Also the references to natives as “savages” annoyed me. The writer or the translator described the events in this book in a way that made it not worth my time. I mean that is obvious.