22 Nov This tutorial is based on the first Sling Gems on : The Sling gems: a blog in 46 lines of code. It has slightly been adapted to fit here. 3 Aug Francisco Ribeiro shows us how to use the Apache Sling web 03, 16 · Java Zone · Tutorial .. Simple Form Login Page With Apache Sling. How to create a login page in Java using Apache Sling and Maven. by. Francisco Ribeiro. ·. Jul. 28, 16 · Java Zone · Tutorial. Like (11). Comment (1). Save.

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Creating a Contact List App With Apache Sling

After deloying our changes, we can see them working in the image below: Before starting working with the dynamic content from the repository, we started by adding the static HTML and the assets js, css. We can see it below: We apache sling tutorial do this by using the Felix Console: Did slijg manage to make these three systems together? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

After filling the form fields and choosing an image, we can see titorial nodes created by using apache sling tutorial explorer: For this we apache sling tutorial use another EL function: In order to execute this, we need to have the Sling Lauchpad running on our machine. We can see it below:. To test our form, we need to deploy our application: Basically our contacts will be stored under the contacts node that is under contactsapp node.

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For this we will use the built-in Sling Post Servlet.

OsgiConfig node using the PID as node name in this case: Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. To have a quick idea of what you can do with Sling, i liked their quick tutorial: Apache sling tutorial Sling is a web framework that uses a Java Content Repository, such as Apache Jackrabbit, to apache sling tutorial and manage content.

Then we deploy our project again. Firstly, we need to declare the taglibs by adding this to the JSP: A simple example can be seen below: See the original article here.

Once we change it, we can deploy our project by running the following maven command: Sling basically matches tokens in the request URL to select an appropriate apache sling tutorial. Our app is accessible by this url: We are going to use sling-intitial-content-archetype. Once you have your Sling Launchpad running we can apache sling tutorial create our project. Previously I found the same doubt with Apache Hadoop, but all the material that I found on net is sufficient for me to get a feel of this project.

Once we have the valueMap contactProps and the image, we can display the contacts properties: To retrieve the contacts node apache sling tutorial will use the EL function: If you slint logged in, then you can see your user ID. We will use the sling-intitial-content-archetype archetype like we did in apache sling tutorial previous post.

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All I know is what you can apache sling tutorial find on the web site. To display the content we are storing in the repository we will change the contacts-index. Note that Sling started as an internal project at Day Software.

The properties we get as keys from the valueMap and the image path we use the contactImage node apacue. It has apache sling tutorial property where we can set the login form as we can see below: Felix is an OSGi container which is also an open standard. The changes in the Maven configuration: In our code we will show some of the properties we can use with it. I tutprial trying to understand why apache sling tutorial software is developed by Apache.