This document is an American Water Works Association (AWWA) standard. The AWWA Subcommittee on Revision of C, which developed this revi-. AWWA C FIBERGLASS PRESSURE PIPE. Language: Published By: American Water Works Association (AWWA); Page Count: 41; ANSI Approved: No. AWWA. AWWA C is one of the most comprehensive product standards in existence for fiberglass pipe. This standard for pressure water applications has.

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It also provides excellent corrosion resistance, long life, few maintenance cost.

ISO Plastics piping systems for pressure and non-pressure water supply — Glass reinforced thermosetting plastics GRP awwa c950 based on unsaturated polyester Awaw resin. Epoxy-resin and polyester-resin systems are described, and commercial-grade glass-fiber is specified as the reinforcement material in the pipe wall. Full Description This standard describes the fabrication and the testing of nominal awwa c950.

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June Fiberglass Pressure Pipe. Major revisions made in this edition of the standard include the following: Visit FileOpen to see the full list. Lightweight, high strength, convenient transportation, installation awwa c950 maintenance, the heavy lifting equipment is not required. Awwa c950 classes described are 50,,and psig, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, and 3, kPa.

AWWA C Specs – Beetle Plastics

Good heat and cold temperature resistance: Not Logged In Member?: Maintenance and cleaning costs are therefore kept low and the planned pipeline is more efficient right from the outset. Other heat medium feed pipe. The inner surface is made of one kind of resin with good abrasive resistance, so it can improve the abrasive resistant property of the FRP pipe.


SN Pipes of this stiffness are selected for minor loads, for example when installed in mixed soil at a awwa c950 of 3 m and a live load awwa c950 to a 60 awwa c950 truck. Not only are the hydraulic properties favorable, the smooth resin rich inner lining provides protection against awwa c950 corrosive media and the internal surface is not prone to tuberculation and encrustation.


DN15 – DN mm. The inner surface awwa c950 the FRP pipe is very smooth, its friction coefficient f is 0. Other design pressure, stiffness, non-standard length of pipes can all be customized.

This technology originated in the aviation awwa c950 marine industry where particularly light high-performance materials are required. This standard may be used to the extent applicable for other diameters, pressure classes, and stiffness classes.

Awwa c950 technology allows the recovery and in many cases the improvement of the original functionality of the pipes ensuring the same result as an ex-novo pipeline.

Specimens are subjected to both physical structural design and chemical medium loading, i. It is excellent for many chemical applications include strong acids, chlorine, salts and oxidizing agents that corrode transitional metal pipe. They were placed on your computer awwa c950 you launched this website.


And it will not crack for cold medium and weather. What is important is that the constituents are compatible in terms of properties and processing.

Light weight awwa c950 high strength. The amount of energy saved pressure pipes is an important aspect awwa c950 has to be taken into account regarding the cost-effectiveness of a pipeline system. Plastics piping systems for water supply with or without pressure — Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics GRP based on unsaturated awwa c950 resin UP.

Municipal, electricity, chemical industry, irrigation, water supply, drainage and sewage. Glassfiber Reinforced Plastics GRP Awwa c950 Pipes are used for drinking water and hydropower pipelines as well as for other applications. Long, effective awwx materials, up to 50 years. Therefore, compare with traditional pipe, we can choose smaller diameter pipe or lower power pump to transmit same flow. Ease of joining, high construction efficiency, reducing installation time.

The FRP pipe is consist of inner layer, Structural layer and outer layer.