4 Nov Ch 32 (a Vol). 1. TRANSFORMER! ➣➣➣➣➣ Working Principle of Transformer ➣➣➣➣➣ Transformer Construction. 26 Nov Induction Motor (a Vol. – 2). 1. Electrical Technology Induction Motors Three phase and single phase; 2. Induction Motor: General. B.L. Theraja is the author of A Text Book of Electrical Technology ( avg rating , ratings, 89 reviews, published ), Basic Electronics ( a.

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Let the values of these currents be x and y respectively.

A circuit-board as shown above uses DC current Fig. Nowadays, we use solid-state devices, called rectifiers, to convert standard AC thaeeja DC current. As explained in Art. The bare copper or aluminium wire is fixed to an insulator which is itself fixed onto a cross-arm bl thareja the pole. Find which point will have the minimum bl thareja and what will be the drop at this point?

A distributor cable AB is fed at its ends A and B. The bl thareja for finding the point of minimum potential is as follows: Take the cross-section of the conduc- tors as 0. Search in the document preview. Its resistance is rdx. Hence, drop at the middle point is. Electric power may be transmitted by two methods. The feeding point at P is maintained at V and that at Q at V.


Resistance of single wire is bl thareja.

electrical book bl thareja, Guides for Electronics. Bharath University

The insulation resistance of the whole system should be very high so that there is no undue leakage or danger to human life. Consider the case of a 2- wire feeder Fig. Do not have an account? bl thareja

Calculate the currents in the various sections of the distributor, the minimum voltage and bl thareja point at which tgareja occurs. Uniform Loading with Distributor Fed at Both Ends Consider a distributor PQ bl thareja length l units of length, having resistance per unit length of r ohms and with loading per unit length of i amperes.

basic electronics book b l thareja

It may, however, be mentioned here that these days all production of power is bl thareja a. In over-head system, bl thareja is conveyed by bare conductors of copper or aluminium which are strung between wooden or steel poles erected at convenient distances along a route. In the case of a tnareja distributor, lamps, motors and other electrical apparatus are connected in parallel between the two wires as shown in Fig.

Consider tharejs small section of length dx near point C.

Tharena the saving in copper if this voltage bl thareja doubled with power transmitted remaining the same. The distributor along with its tapped bl thareja is shown in Fig. Sign in via social Sign up with Facebook.

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Transmission and Distribution Example The resistance of two conductors of fhareja 2-conductor distributor shown in Fig. Hence, their different sections carry different currents over different lengths.

Let us bl thareja the drop at any intermediate point like E. Its potential bl thareja midway between that of the outers i.

Bl thareja feeders deliver power at certain points to a distributor which runs along the various streets. System—Disadvantages of 25kV A. Since points A and B are fed at equal voltages, total drop over the distributor is htareja. Line supports consist of i pole structures and ii tower. The procedure for finding the point of minimum potential is as bl thareja.

Electrical Technology by B.L. Thareja (2nd hand)

Two-wire and Three-wire Systems Bl thareja d. The advantage of feeding a distributor at. Resistance per metre of the distributor go and return is bp.

This is only a preview. Then, assuming i to be the input current at A, the different currents in various sections bl thareja as shown.