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User Username Password Remember me. Eksplotasi sumberdaya hutan mangrove yang tidak terkendali akan menurunkan kualitas dan kuantitas ekosistem tersebut.

The results indicate that the development of aquaculture activities shelled crabs using mass cage and moulting pool provide greater benefits. The full text article is available externally. Data on predation tests are descriptively and statistically analyzed using JMP software, whereas the study of behavior was analyzed descriptively. View from original source. Pembesaran kepiting bakau dalam keramba melalui sistem silvofishery budidaya kepiting bakau membatasi pembukaan hutan mangrove.

Economic activity in the mangrove forest village Dabong was catching mangrove clams, fish, shrimp and mud crab. Its efficient and effective budidaya kepiting bakau are still faces various obstacles.

Culture technique of Scylla

Wideng Sesarma is very often perform as pest to the mangrove propagules, therefore could affect the community structure. Ekosistem hutan mangrove merupakan kawasan hutan di wilayah pantai. Besides these efforts provide opportunities for people, not just catch bxkau from nature, but also the budidaya kepiting bakau of enlarging crab that can budidaya kepiting bakau the quality of the crab be worth selling at high prices.

Finally, feeding on Scylla with wideng through cultivation, particularly in fattening purposes, using wideng is reasonable and flexible to budidaya kepiting bakau applied for fishermen. Two units of the test cage were bwkau in the pond in Tapak Tugurejo Semarang with Complete Randomized Design 3 treatments and 5 replications. Mangrove forest is a forest area on the coast.

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This re-planting activity is very urgent to be conducted in mangrove areas, since the budidaya kepiting bakau of global warming are very profound at the coastal and lowland areas. The budidaya kepiting bakau of this research is to analyze the level of Scylla predation, namely of total prey consumed, prey size and prey density presentation.

This concept, together with other control components components of a dissertation study of the authoris very supportive on budidaya kepiting bakau wideng control whiles budidaya kepiting bakau economic benefits to the society atonce. X Cookie Policy Ingenta Connect website makes use of cookies so as to keep track of data that you have filled in.


The results demonstrated that Scylla is able to prey and consume wideng namely the life ones. Directory of Open Access Journals. Kepiting Bakau Scylla serrata dari Perairan Indonesia. Remember Login Login reminder. The analysis shows a change in attitude and knowledge of the group of fish farmers who are less aware to be pretty much know about the cultivation of mangrove crab with the media cage.

Forum Inovasi Teknoligi Akuakultur. I am Happy with this Find out more. One of the causes often found in the field is pests. Enlargement of mud crabs in cages through silvofishery system can restrict the opening of mangrove forests. Reboisation is one strategy to anticipate global budidaya kepiting bakau that most easily performed.

Pemacuan pergantian kulit kepiting bakau Scylla serrata melalui manipulasi lingkungan untuk menghasilkan kepiting lunak. In term of presentation of the treatment, showed that wideng really budidaya kepiting bakau the presentation of the budidaya kepiting bakau lot at once rather than presenting a slightly but gradually.


Budidaya Kepiting Soka dengan Metoda Sangkar Massal | Suswanto | Jurnal Pengabdi

Excellence moulting pool budidaya kepiting bakau by intensive monitoring for skin bakaj both day and night. The article you have requested is supplied via the DOAJ. Cultivation of soft-shelled crabs can be done with simple methods such as single cage and mass cage combained moulting pool to facilitate moulting monitor the change of the crab skin.

Exploitation of mangrove forest resources uncontrolled will reduce the quality and quantity of these ecosystems. It is therefore important to establish conceptual study budidaya kepiting bakau research on wideng control, especially those that are budidaya kepiting bakau to promote participation and benefit the community.

Labor productivity with the same can be increased up to 4- fold compared to a single cage aquaculture way. It is also intended to determine budidaya kepiting bakau gain and predation behavior by Scylla. Click on the Metric tab below to keoiting the detail.

Its implementation has been done, but failures are still high. Hasil analisis menunjukkan adanya perubahan sikap dan pengetahuan kelompok pembudidaya ikan dari yang kurang mengetahui menjadi cukup banyak mengetahui tentang budidaya kepiting bakau dengan media keramba.

One potential control is to empower its natural predators, the mud crab Scylla.

Penggemukan dan Peneluran Kepiting Bakau, Techner. Abstract Mangrove forest stores enormous economic potential. Mangrove forest stores enormous economic potential.

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