The name of the Association is “African Securities Exchanges Association”. 2. The Registered Office of the Association will be situate in Kenya. 3. The objects for. 4 Jul The new Companies Act has been commenced. Government Printers, the Kenya Law Website – and the Office of Each form bears a reference to the Companies Act rather than the Cap LAWS OF KENYA COMPANIES ACT CHAPTER Revised Edition [ ] Published by the National Council for Law Reporting with the Authority of the.

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Key Highlights on the Amendments to the Companies Act, – Robson Harris

A public company is required to have at least two directors. Offence in connection with share warrants. Readers are consequently advised to consult qualified professional. Separate legal personality More information. Any joint-stock company constituted by letters More information. Section of the Companies Act provides that a private company is required to have at least one director. The registration fee is ksh. Meetings of creditors and contributories to determine whether committee of inspection shall be appointed Constitution and proceedings of committee companies act cap 486 of the laws of kenya inspection Powers of court where no committee of inspection.

Preliminary 2 Part B: L-4 Winding-up Act, R. Number of directors Secretary.

GUIDELINES TO THE COMPANIES ACT, – State Law Office and Department of Justice

Articles of Association if those provided in the Regulations have not been adopted. Power for company to keep branch register Regulations as to branch register Stamp duty in case of transfer of shares registered in branch registers Provisions as to branch registers of Commonwealth companies kept in Kenya.


This Act may be cited as the Business Registration More information. Section 77 2 c of the Principal Act provided that a public company could convert into a private limited company if it had made such changes to its name and its Oof as are necessary for it to convert into a private company limited by shares or into companies act cap 486 of the laws of kenya private company limited by guarantee.

Provision as to memorandum and articles of companies limited by guarantee. Any such reservation shall remain in force for a period of thirty days or such longer period, not exceeding sixty days, as the registrar may, for special reasons, allow, and during such period no other company shall be entitled to be registered with that name.

Key Highlights on the Amendments to the Companies Act, 2015

Consequences of Winding-up Order Power of company to compsnies for different amounts being paid on shares. Payment of certain debts out of assets subject to floating charge in priority to claims under the charge.

This write-up provides basic information on what the users of the Companies Registry need to know about the Companies Act with regard to incorporation of a new company. Arrangements and Reconstructions C Amendments More information. Section 2 of the Act has been amended to provide that minutes of each meeting of directors shall be kept by a company for at least 7 years was kneya 10 years.

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A company is required to have at least one director who is a natural person. Company Names 2 3. Copies of memorandum and articles to be given to members.

This Act companies act cap 486 of the laws of kenya introduced some amendments to the Companies Act, so as to ensure that the same conforms to the best business practice. Public Companies are also excluded from the Small Companies Regime. Companies Amendment Bill Read the first time on copmanies September Variation of Shareholders Rights Disqualification for appointment as liquidator Corrupt inducement affecting appointment acp liquidator Enforcement of duty of liquidator to make returns, etc Notification that a company is in liquidation Exemption of certain documents from stamp duty on winding up of companies Books of company to be evidence Disposal of books and papers of company Information as to pending liquidations Unclaimed assets to be paid to Liquidation Account Resolutions passed at adjourned kenyw of creditors and contributories.

Copy of order to be forwarded to registrar Actions stayed on winding-up order Effect of winding-up order.

Registrar Of Companies Companies Forms Rules have also been published and are available on the above websites. Power of company limited by shares ksnya alter its share capital.