In a career spanning four decades, award-winning author Diana Wynne Jones ( ‒) wrote more than forty books of fantasy for young readers. Mr. Chesney operates Pilgrim Parties, a tour group that takes paying participants into an outer realm where the inhabitants play frightening and foreboding r. A description of tropes appearing in Dark Lord of Derkholm. A Young Adult fantasy novel by Diana Wynne Jones, set in the world described in her meta- .

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I guess they’re just too happy to be back together. Retrieved from ” http: His children take over. Dedkholm, an oddball wizard, is called to be the Dark Lord and his son Blade one of his human children- some of them are griffins is assigned as a wizard guide.

So color me shocked when I ran into a vaguely worded but pretty obvious gang sexual assault. Other books in the series. After that they witness the Wild Hunt. Initially I really liked it and found it humorous. Get this book and read it.

The head of Wizards University, Querida, determines a way to end the tours. Apart from requiring me to shift my preconceptions out this book was really enjoyable and I can see why Diana Wynne Jones was such an acclaimed author.

Webarchive template wayback links Pages to import images to Wikidata. Imagine that your world has real elves, dragons, wizards, and all those items necessary for a good fantasy tale.

When you add in Diana Wynne Jones’ brand of humor you will understand why I read this book in a dead lorrd in one day, occasionally cackling with laughter What are dragons coming to, letting humans make fools of them like this? But there were so many that none of them really got fully developed. Dragons aren’t given enough gold from which they get nutrients and sustanence to survive.


Dark Lord of Derkholm

And Derk has built for himself a wonderfully supportive and capable family, including five griffins, and they are determined to help him succeed. This time, however, it is told from the point of view of the Dark Lorda pacifist who serkholm creating new living things and giving life, and his family.

He’s bossy and seems sort of too shiny and great. Not Jones’ best work. There were many powerful moments, both action- and emotion-based, and some great characters. This book had a different focus that I expected and not only because of that leaves me undecited drrkholm what to think about it. That character annoyed me the most. Dark Lord of Derkholm is a comical parody of epic fantasy: Fond enough apparently that when I got Goodreads, I found this title and derkhlom it as a 5 star.

Deep Secret The Merlin Conspiracy Haven’t picked it up since.

Because really, this book is often funny, wonderfully inventive, and features characters I came to care about a great deal. The final camp was in the wrong place.

Index to Literary Nominees. And every year different people are chosen to play these parts. A group of travellers get pulled from our world into a fantastical world full of magic. The gods, which Mr. This was such a funny book. I didn’t recapture the magic as an adult. Something just felt missing. It’s only through luck and the intervention of other beings that half of Derk and Mara’s family didn’t die for real.

I really liked the Derkholm family, though the four griffins took a while to differentiate. How the hell did she come up with this stuff? A literal family of characters! Except, that is, for Wizard Derk since part of the requirement is that he becomes this year’s Dark Wizard.


Querida overcomes objections all around and the plan is underway. It sounds like something a burger flipper at McDonald’s might answer if you asked them how much they paid him.

And the plot itself is sheer brilliance. The concept was absurdly brilliant – a fantasy world used as a theme park by Pilgrim Parties that come to live the adventure. Deucalion, the dragon helps the demon in Mr. Due to a mishap on the part of Kit and the griffins, Mara is appointed as the Enchantress. I can still admire what it does right, creating a great world with depth and stakes and more real characters and relationships than most non-fantasy books.

Basically, the idea is given in the synopsis. See all my reviews and more at www. I was hating the novel more than I was enjoying it, and having a low tolerance for things and people I hate, I whisked through the second half of this novel so that I might review in a way which may enlighten “Young Novelists” who may wish to emulate the author of this novel.

Dark Lord of Derkholm – Wikipedia

She thinks she’s fat, and can hardly get off the ground to fly. However, because of the demon Mr. That’s most of what I have to say, but I will conclude with a brief list of people who got better in the end than I thought they deserved.