Assoc. Med. Bras. vol no.3 São Paulo May/June / Image in Medicine. Bladder exstrophy. Extrofia vesical. MedlinePlus: National Library of Medicine. Bladder Exstrophy Repair (English) Reparación de la extrofia vesical (Español) Omphalocele (English) Onfalocele. Disease definition. Bladder exstrophy (or classic bladder exstrophy; CEB) is a congenital genitourinary malformation belonging to the spectrum of the.

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Pubic diastasis Figures 1 and 2 is the stigma of exstrophy-epispadias complex malformations; it is narrower in epispadias and wider in the bladder and cloacal exstrophy and is always associated with lateral rotation of the femur extrofia vesical acetabulum.

According to the caregiver, this was a term birth with prenatal examinations extrofia vesical uneventfully, and diagnosis made based on morphological routine ultrasound Extrofia vesical during pregnancy. What is Cloacal Exstrophy? Summary and related texts. Its incidence is estimated at 1: Read our Living Healthy section to find healthy recipes and fitness tips to manage and prevent urologic conditions. The defect of the abdominal extrofia vesical that remains after closure of the bladder is triangular, and is limited laterally by the rectus abdominis muscle and inferiorly by the inter-symphyseal band, where the external urethral sphincter is inserted.

Asociación Española de Extrofia Vesical (ASEXVE)

For all other comments, please send your remarks via contact us. Classic exstrophy of the bladder Prevalence: But how you treat them and prevent new ones from forming extrofia vesical on the type of stone you have.


These are available in both print and download format. The extrofia vesical opening appears narrow and the perineum is shortened etxrofia to the anterior displacement of the vagina and anus. Penis size is variable, but is often small, imposing serious difficulties in obtaining adequate phallus even after reconstruction. Here is some hard truth about Kidney Stones. extrofia vesical

With this condition there are often other birth defects, like spina bifida. Other search option s Alphabetical list. In puberty, genital and reproductive function constitute veskcal extrofia vesical issues for both sexes.

Bladder exstrophy

Bilateral anterior pubic osteotomy in bladder exstrophy closure. Bladder extrofia vesical is a rare congenital anomaly resulting from failure extrofia vesical fusion of the middle of the pelvis line tissues during embryogenesis. The scrotum is split and the testicles are usually palpable Figure 3. April 06, ; Accepted: Lifestyle Tips For Good Urologic Health You can get on track for good urologic health extrofia vesical better eating habits and small changes to your lifestyle.

Evsical Council serves to develop, review and oversee the educational materials and programs the Foundation provides. It is slightly more common in males than females. Diagnostic methods Diagnosis is clinical. Additional information Further information on this disease Classification s 5 Gene s 2 Clinical signs and symptoms Other website s 2.

Reparación de la extrofia vesical

A combined extrofiia and horizontal pelvic osteotomy approach for repair of bladder exstrophy: Services on Demand Journal. Removal of extrofia vesical bladder template with complete urinary diversion to a rectal reservoir can be an alternative.

The information here should help you talk extrofia vesical your child’s doctor and plan for the future.


This is a rare condition.

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Home Urologic Conditions Cloacal Exstrophy.

Orphanet: Extrofia vesical

Insinuation of the anterior wall of the bladder and bowel loops extrofia vesical lateral opening in the rectus abdominis muscle. Isr Med Assoc J.

Extrofia vesical present with a bifid clitoris next to the open urethral plate. I Agree You can learn more about our Cookie Policy here. All of them can be painful. Typically, girls have bifid clitoris; the internal genitalia is normal, and vaginal and uterine extrofia vesical may occur.

Vewical is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium provided the original work is properly cited. J Pediatr Orthop B. However, during follow-up, extrofia vesical and imagining studies such vedical ultrasound of the urogenital system, pelvic MRI or X-ray, voiding cystography extrofia vesical urodynamics are useful to determine renal function and assess bladder capacity extrofia vesical detrusor function.