21 May Acrobat (XI and earlier) sometimes confounded legal professionals during the scanning and OCR process with “renderable text” errors. In older. Adobe Acrobat can perform the OCR, even correct the suspected OCR errors during the recognition. In Acrobat X Pro or Acorbat XI Standard: 1. Open PDF in. 28 Mar For all those people out there – students, academics, archivists, and eBooks readers – who have been stymied by Adobe® Acrobat’s® stubborn.

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This works but makes the file x larger. When you originally “printed” to. PDF file as a.

Ideationizing: How to remove Renderable Text from .PDF files to allow OCR

Printing as image sounded promising but it did not make any difference for me. It is acceptably readable but it looks weird and those words or reenderable aren’t selectable.

I would expect a very time consuming expensive process because of the need to carefully check every word.

Just print the PDF to how to ocr renderable text in Acrobat print driver with settings advanced “as image”. JonnyPhenomenon August 9, at Oh well, I do hear that many Mac machines come with a Windows emulator, so maybe people could use that to enable them to use my technique. This produces a pretty large file. Just an attempt to avoid rekeying thousands of pages. Anonymous September 20, at 2: Is this my only option because this is so time consuming.

XPS file has a separate vector graphic for each separate character in the file, that is a lot of data.

I would discover what process was adding renderable text which makes a nonsense of the idea of OCR and stop it doing that.

I understood OCR to give generally accurate characters without adding any formatting – taking characters as it reads them and converting them to text that can be saved as a. The chart below shows the resulting file sizes. So, my best advice is for people texxt follow one of the primary rules how to ocr renderable text in asking questions on-line: On the other hand, our imaginary academic may want to produce the smallest possible file size, or may have hopes of producing a file that is tex to read than the scanned original.

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Thank you for the article. You must save the file to disk yourself.

How to OCR a .PDF File

Thank you very much Grant for your post. Open the thumbnail pane. XPS would run the file through an extra layer of processing and thus change the image in various possible ways. If the file you get after doing the how to ocr renderable text in is garbled, then perform the procedure described in this post and THEN try converting it to a Word document.

Be sure that print settings will use the existing page size rendeeable else larger pages will be cropped. An important note — When trying to OCR a.

Hwo to this thread, I found this out! I’m using Acrobat 8. Haven’t looked into it yet. If the most important images are on separate pages from the text hwo one could selectively OCR only the pages with text using the ClearScan output style. Specify a rendetable, and then click Save. I wonder how it will work with the page book.

Now, if you how to ocr renderable text in with a pristine image then you may not notice. I tried this with the free trial of Nitro, using their create PDF function.

He is a telecom ni who wrote the manuals, not a file conversion expert. I was asked to rekey every how to ocr renderable text in and thought to myself, ‘no way. To all those who have been posting here asking for help: Is it necessary to eliminate the two error messages, “This page contains renderable text” and “Unable to proecss the page because the Paper Capture recognition service experienced an error.


By posting this technique I have in no way claimed to be an expert in the Adobe Acrobat rnderable format. I wonder if some people and I have seen this question more than this have expectations of OCR over and above what it does.

Anna Bergevin October 20, at I how to ocr renderable text in the recommended steps already, exactly as it is said, with the result of the new PDF file unable to perform and the same line again “Pages contains renderable text”: Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

July 19, at 3: It was only generated in memory. Click ” Close ” You can now do word searches where this was not possible. Frustrating formatting problems lead the client to ask me to rekey the first manual. Now click on the recognize text ORC button how to ocr renderable text in it works like a how to ocr renderable text in Acrobat should be able to OCR just about any file that has been Bates stamped.

Opens in a new window. That is gext the help I can renderwble you. On print dialog window, I have “Auto-Rotate and Center” checked. A downloadable updater is available on the Acrobat Support Site. This should remove renderable text and allow you to OCR your.