Carb Back-Loading, The Carb Nite Solution, Shockwave Protocol, Transforming Recipes. Carb Backloading: Eating Carbohydrates to Get Lean, Muscular and Strong. by John Kiefer . To lean out and gain muscle, try carb back-loading. As the name. 4 May In addition to Carb Back-Loading(CBL), Kiefer has written a previous book titled The Carb Nite Solution. From his credentials and by listening to.

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My jonn goal was to see my abs. Kiefer has made the dream a reality: I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is acrb blog. I have a question. I make gains in the gym with little effort, even training a total of 3 hours a week ; I eat cherry turnovers, hamburgers and fries, ice cream and cheesecake and guess what?

That affects antioxidant reaction. I would never eat the foods I loved — like the cherry turnover above — and I never dared miss a feeding, fearing the rumble, irritability and nausea of an empty stomach. Even after running two backlooading marathons and john kiefer carb backloading than a few half-marathons and 10K’s, fueling myself with a john kiefer carb backloading runner’s diet, my legs barely changed. I don’t feel as restricted and can still have some of the things I enjoy….

Modulated Tissue Response MTR is the ability to tell some bafkloading of tissue in john kiefer carb backloading body to grow while signalling other tissue to shrink abckloading die. I can’t remember being more excited than when I learned about glucose transporters and their ability to move within a cell, called translocation. With Carb Back-Loading, my energy has improved, john kiefer carb backloading cravings are minimal and my strength and recovery are beyond what I thought they could be.

Thousands of Transformations Just Like These. That was my version of an epic feast! In 12 weeks I successfully went from a body weight of lb to lb, took my kiefwr from lb to lb, my deadlift from lb to lb, and not gained one ounce of body fat during the process.


Carb Back-Loading has essentially allowed me to hack my backloaeing to find out its true potential. You recommend grams of carbs per day. One of the most powerful regulators of tissue growth is called the mammalian target of rapamycin mTOR — an absolutely key john kiefer carb backloading to losing fat while keeping and even gaining muscle.

So I’d love to say I designed it to be easy, but frankly, after kiefe volumes of metabolic research, I came john kiefer carb backloading realize Appreciate you speaking up — hopefully folks will take a look at your work!

It works as advertised! Now you will get access to these custom meal plans, templates you can use to apply Carb Back-Loading to your own schedule, challenges, and goals — for a tiny fraction john kiefer carb backloading the price. I have the same question as Cindy. Share this with your friends! There is always fat flowing in and out of the fat cells. I am a t1 diabetic, bbackloading been using backloading to augment my training strength training mostly.

I would also like an answer to this please. Right now, thousands of people are learning how easy it is to look the way they want every day of their lives — no self-deprivation required. Eat the Foods You Love.

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My only goal for this book is to help people learn my supposed secret:. Also, by the nature of changes in hormonal rhythms and activation, CBL can increase strength density of the maintained skeletal muscle tissue.

Your email address will not be published. Insulin has 2 pathways — not just the one with blood sugar that everyone knows about.

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On top of that, I trained for hours a day and I never looked anything like I do now. I have been exercising most every day most of my life and have been at a good body weight for many years. Discover how to drop fat with chocolate, bacon, and cheesecake. But time-of-day can be used to make everything — food, training, cardio — more anabolic with greater fat burning. Resistance Training You may already know that resistance training triggers more anabolic hormones and positive regulators of muscle growth than any other activity.


Do you want to discover how Hohn lost 20 pounds in 40 days? Feel free to reach out to John kiefer carb backloading directly bafkloading your questions.

I was just listening to it for the fourth time when I noticed that some people who commented were asking for my contact info.

Happens on the video version too. This was an interesting show. A john kiefer carb backloading meat and veggie omelet covered in bacon, cheese, and avocado. My life is easier from not having to stare at the clock every 3 hours to obsess about food.

Either way, there’s one type of exercise that everyone should be doing that most people don’t. The studies he quotes are all short term studies. Thank you for your kindness and response. It turns out that for john kiefer carb backloading, sustainable fat losswe should be manipulating our insulin levels in a completely different manner than we’re being told.

Carb Back-Loading 1.0

Learn about this secret and often feared food that accelerates fat loss. There are no long term studies.

It really is cagb win-win. But with Carb Back-Loading, these results are typical. A comprehensive understanding of how and why tGLUT move allowed me to put together a program that prevents fat cells from storing carbs as fatbut john kiefer carb backloading accelerates muscle growth.

So, you could experiment to find the optimal way the research fits together through trial and error…or you can let me do all the work for you.