SEP ELECTRONIC CORP. KBPC thru KBPC A Single-Phase Silicon Bridge Rectifier. Rectifier Reverse Voltage 50 to V. Features. Silicon Bridge Rectifiers. Page 1. REV:A. KBPCG Thru. KBPCG Series. Parameter. Symbol. Unit. Dimensions in inches and (millimeter). QW- BBR KBPCG Series. Parameter. Symbol. Unit. Maximum Rec. Peak. Voltage urrent. Reverse. Maximum Average Forward. Rectified Output Current @Tc=55°C .

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Maximum average forward output rectified. Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage. Number of Cycles at 60HZ.

High temperature soldering guaranteed: Bolt dowm on heat-sink with silicone thermal compound between bridge and mounting surface for maximum heat transfer efficiency with 8 screw. Typical Junction Capacitance kbpc5010 datasheet element Note 1. Ratings kbpc5010 datasheet 25 C ambient temperature unless otherwise specified. Kbpcc5010 field Part name Part description. Operating and Storage Temperature Range.

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However, WTE cannot assume any. V RRM 50 Peark Reverse Current T. Isolation voltage from case to leads. All Dimension datahseet mm.

Peak forward surge current. Symbols Marked on Case.

KBPC Solid State | Ciiva

Operating junction temperature range. Kbpc5010 datasheet Suffix Kbcp5010 Faston Terminals. WTE reserves the right to change any or all information herein without further notice.

UL Recognized File Kbpc5010 datasheet Furthermore, this information does not give the purchaser of semiconductor devices any license under patent rights to. Maximum Ratings and Electrical Characteristics.

We power your everyday. High forward surge current capability. Average Rectifier Output Current Kbpc5010 datasheet. Bolt dowm on heat-sink with silicone thermal compound between bridge and mounting surface for.

Kbpc5010 Bridge Rectifier Wiring Diagram

Single Phase, half wave, 60Hz, resistive or inductive ,bpc5010. Kbpc5010 datasheet Temperature, o C. Plated Leads Solderable per. It offers a large amount of data sheet, You can free PDF files download.

Maximum DC blocking voltage.


Polarity symbols marked on case Mounting: Dimensions in inches and millimeters. The updated every day, kbpc5010 datasheet provide the best quality and speed.

Allied Electronics DigiKey Electronics. Thru hole for 8 screw,20in. V DC 50 Polarity symbols marked on case.

KBPC5010 Datasheet

Shipping quantity given is for minimum packing quantity only. The plastic package kblc5010 Underwriters Laboratory. Thermal resistance junction to case kbpc5010 datasheet on heatsink. Through Hole for 10 Screw.

Percent of Rated Peak Reverse. The function of this parts is a High Current Bridge Rectifier. WTE power semiconductor products are not authorized kbpc5010 datasheet use as critical components in life. Diffused Junction A A. G Hole for 10 screw, 5. Typical Thermal Resistance Note 2. Arrow Kbpc5010 datasheet Mouser Electronics.