30 Sep Shāh Nimatullāh or Shāh Ni’matullāh Wali, also spelled as Ne’matollah, Ni’ matallah and Ni’mat Allāh, was a Sufi Master and poet from the 14th. Description: Zaid Hamid’s fascinating narration of the predictions of the Islamic seer Naimat Ullah Shah Wali. Predictions done years ago, accurately predict . The bulk of his predictions are ‘traditional enemies will fight wars’, which is the easiest prediction in the world. Much of the interpretation relies on saying that.

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It is not talking about Allama Iqbal.

Naimatullah shah wali one thing is for sure: Have you ever experience the pain of those people whose relative has been abducted and then killed after torture by your napak naimatuklah. September 17, at 1: Fifth column of an enemy works to weaken our belief in our institutions and to create doubt about their integrity.

Faisal Farooq January 24, at 2: Just wait and watch. Jesus Christ would also descend from the heavens.

Shah Nimatullah Wali – Wikipedia

If we believe they slept for years it means they will help Mahdi after years of Mughal Empire. Here watch this video and learn ; http: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This book was published naimatullah shah wali Destruction of America is also present in his prediction.


The Sultan saw Shah in his dream and wished that the saint come to Bidar. AK Its all for the betterment of our future. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use naimatullah shah wali Privacy Policy.

Spiritual Pakistan

They say, “Are we to understand from this naimatullah shah wali that the alleged Ergenekon organization is emerging further into the daylight every day since it is an institution of the antichrist established to oppose the system of Hazrat Whah as?

I agree every word of your comment, actually we are lacking spiritual society naimatullah shah wali, honesty is rare and moral corruption is in abundance Naimatullah shah wali Alaikum All I just want to share my dream which was not complete but just a glimpse.

But in reality, he was an intellectual thief and a plagiarist. So there is a chance that actual date on 28th May was 30 Mohrram aali there is always difference of date from calendar.

Since I did not see the book itself, I can’t say how many predictions are added later on. Anonymous May 12, at 1: Rasheed, have turned very pro govt.

While predicting more about First World War, he even gave the death figures. About the British rule in India he predicted: S built great societies on based on love and peace and I believe Imam Mahdi A. Part of a series on Islam Sufism Ideas.


Wa Alaikum Salaam, I can’t interpret dream shsh one spiritual individual told me that horse and dove represent light and goodness. I think You are right my friend Even if you consider this 02 of Safar, then it is quite obvious that Pakistan has naimatullah shah wali and deployed the naimatullah shah wali setup in Chaghi in the month of Moharram.

Faqar I read two predictions on page 29 which I missed in other books. naimatullau

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Anonymous May 10, at 1: Faqar-e-Ghayoor January 23, at 8: Mughal Empire was part Ottoman Caliphate. So it was an offensive act initiated by Muslims mentioned in the naimatullah shah wali verse. Tahir bro You are doing well please carry on your work. Horses color are kind of dark grey or like black.