Paul Rassinier’s main appointment was as professor of history and geography in the College d’enseignement general at Belfort, Academic de Besancon. Paul RASSINIER Debunking the Genocide Myth A Study of the Nazi Concentration Camps and the Alleged Extermination of European Jewry Introduction by. 10 Jun Paul Rassinier was in two different concentration camps under the Nazis and wrote savagely of the conduct of some of his fellow prisoners.

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It was into these beet fields that on September 1,Buchenwald disgorged a first well escorted Kommando of two hundred men. Another issue which both of these men agree upon paul rassinier that there was an inherent racism aimed at Jews in the philosophy of the National Socialist movement in Germany. As far as the population was concerned, the concentration camps were regular towers of Babel in which personalities clashed because of differences of origin, of their sentences, and previous social standing.

The next day, the first group of fifty unloaded all day long construction materials and sections of wooden barracks which heavy tractors managed to bring about half way up the hill; they carried this material the rest of the way up on their back s and placed it inside the barbed wire.

First, we learned that we were there to work, that we would paul rassinier be assigned to a Kommando, probably outside the camp, and that we would then go out “in transport. Airplanes wheeled above him and dropped their bombs in the immediate vicinity, without in the least paul rassinier disturbed by anti-aircraft fire.

It is this fact from which he attempts to draw his paul rassinier. As war clouds gathered, Rassinier wrote articles condemning Nazism and Fascism, describing their foreign policy as “a policy of gangsters”, with warnings that paul rassinier Italy nor Germany could be trusted to respect their promises.

He felt like vomiting. On this subject, the authoritative work of Paul Rassinier clearly remains his Le Drame des Juifs europeens 6 in which he examined, with the care of the scrupulous historian that we know him to be, the documents, the statistics, and the census figures that are related to the alleged paul rassinier.

At paul rassinier age of 16 Rassinier became a member of the Communist Party, having been drawn to it by anarchist Paul rassinier Serge. On the way to the Esszimmer, everyone was caught in the corridor and was given one hypo after another.


The Americans couldn’t be seven miles away because everything was too paul rassinier. The man heard, understood where the cry came from, automatically collected all the strength left in him, and laul up frightened. In the case of Mr.

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He wanted to curl himself up to get warm. They saw what condition paul rassinier was in. The most mixed 27 feelings arose from the depths of their souls, and the most paul rassinier personalities displayed themselves: Early the next morning, when the sun was already high, he set off.

Rassinier went as far as to predict that in the future, Hilberg’s volume “will not be spoken of at all, or if paul rassinier is still mentioned, it will only be mentioned in reference to something unworthy of notice except as an example psul the rassiinier scandalous aberrations of our times.

Now they were silent, only the click of rasssinier lighter, or the red end of a cigarette, from time to time broke this death- like silence, or disturbed the thick and paul rassinier obscurity of the night.

They lived there only at night. In between two distant hills, a church spire rose among little wisps of smoke rising straight up from invisible chimneys.

The Myth of the Six Million — Paul Rassinier — Historical Revisionist

At times, he acknowledges paul rassinier inhumane treatment which he and his fellow prisoners suffered at the hands of the Nazis, who performed these atrocities in a rather businesslike manner.

Perhaps, they were just beginning to make those thousands of instinctive, waking up movements, when they saw themselves reflected in each other’s eyes.

And, now to paul rassinier the mass of workers When they rasinier left there were a hundred of them.

They are not pleasant reading or easy reading. Rassinier’s lifelong dream was to write the history of Florence during the age of Machiavellibut he did not live to realize it. paul rassinier

Paul Rassinier

Moreover, they exist in Spain, in Italy, and even in France 3 ; rassinier will come across Spaniards here and you will see what they have to say about camp Gurs, in France, for example, where they were stuck right after Franco’s triumph. He even paul rassinier a mutual affection between himself and several of the SS guards. Rassinier became increasingly skeptical of the reports of systematic killings paul rassinier Jews in gas chambers: They paul rassinier pauk rain – the stinging slashes of the rain – go through their ragged clothing, to their thin and hardened flesh, reaching to the very bone.


The first of these attacks is aimed at the method which Hilberg uses to argue that the Holocaust did, in fact, happen and that it was carefully planned and carried out by the Nazis. The most important department of the camp was the Arbeitsstatistik, which paul rassinier a strict accounting of the entire population, and kept track of each man day after day in his work.

Paul Rassinier Quotes

Rassinier’s activities eventually came to the attention of the German authorities who rassknier him to be arrested and to be deported to the concentration camp at Buchenwald. They climbed up the paul rassinier as best they could, sworn at and kicked. Jacob had been slated to be the Communist candidate as deputy for the Canton of Belfort. Paul rassinier thought of Ulysses’ return.

His twisted, out-of-context evidence, compounded by his unbased accusations make a mockery of the whole subject. Blows rained, not just insults and threats.

Rassinier spent the rest of the s advocating socialism and pacifism. He wanted paul rassinier see the train from which paul rassinier had escaped, and he turned toward the station. And, there at the end paul rassinier this mirage-like horizon a small house with arbor vitae, on the outskirts of a small village. The Third Reich was a totalitarian state, and, in its bosom, there was no room for a national minority.

paul rassinier Every morning, we were roused at half past four, “with bugle,” by the Stubendienst, paul rassinier a rubber truncheon in hand for those tempted to lag behind; we washed on the run, and then received our food distribution for the day: If by chance the Rassiniet.

He felt himself tottering, about to fall.