S-Mode and REP-Mode. Programming Manual. Version (Apr 12). Based on Firmware: v l. Page 2. Page 3. Sam4S SPS System Cash Register AU. View and Download Samsung SPS program reference manual online. ” color LCD touch screen. SPS Touchscreen pdf manual download. View and Download Sam4s SPS manual online. SPS Cash Register pdf manual download.

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Up to 40 printers can be defined and connected to any sam4s sps-2000 manual serial port on any register within a system. Page 49 Z1, Z2, and Z3 for that report. Page If Yes, only the last 4-digits of the card number are printed.

Glossary Of Terms Registrations sam4s sps-2000 manual PLUs with auto scale status will automatically multiply by the weight placed upon a scale connected to the register. Sps-200 preceding key sequence is not allowed. The bitmap file is downloaded to the SPS from a PC, and then downloaded to the memory of the appropriate printer.

Page In the United States, Food Stamps may be used to purchase eligible food items sam4s sps-2000 manual food stores that participate in the program. Table images must be in the correct size and have the correct file name. Background Image display requires software version 2. Touch the PLU program function you wish to perform. Color codes vary by KVS system.

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Designate an employee file to be used for training. From the selection window choose Application Update or Application Backup, and then select the memory device: Refer to the attached chart to determine the programmability for each time-activated function. Manual Revision Record Add features associated with software Sam4s sps-2000 manual.


sam4s sps-2000 manual General Printing Option Definitions Select the currency symbols to be used for the currency conversion function keys. All time units are based upon a hour clock military time. Touch Delete All to remove all tables from the screen. Plu Delete YES at the confirmation screen.

Page At V3. Sam4s sps-2000 manual the connection is successful, the following screen displays: Taxes The SPS provides calculation for up to six taxes. The color code set here will control the color or screen format displayed on an optional kitchen video system requisition screen.

Samsung SPS-2000 Program Reference Manual

Page The bitmap file is an image, i. Page of Go. Page 33 If you are completing application update, you must clear all memory. Touch the page tabs at the top of the screen to view sam4s sps-2000 manual of the sam4s sps-2000 manual in each area.

The Fingerprints window displays. Page The SPS has sam4s sps-2000 manual keyboard levels. It maual identified by an audible tone and an error descriptor appearing on the display.

The SPS can assist a retailer in handling food stamp transactions sps-20000 sorting food stamp and non-food stamp eligible items within each sale and tracking food stamp payments for eligible items.


This item requires a weight this may be entered either manually or automatically.

The 10 keys located on the bottom two rows manuql the main screen will be copied to each spe-2000 Function created with the PLU Quick Registration feature. Page This item requires a weight this may be entered either manually or automatically. S-Mode functions are reserved for dealers who set-up and service your SPS system.

Page Setting needs to match sam4s sps-2000 manual scanner setting. Recipes and Ingredients are programmed with this program. Don’t show me this message again. sam4s sps-2000 manual

Software will be revised continually as anomalies are identified, repaired, and as new features and peripherals sam4s sps-2000 manual supported. The sam4s sps-2000 manual keys are control keys: Tare Entry is Compulsory? Report saving is advised whenever service activity or updates are required on installed ECRs. Page FTP server address. Enter length of time the drawer may be open in seconds before the open drawer alarm sounds. For the example shown, burgers to the case- Enter ; 30 cups to the sleeve- Enter