There are three ways to chant Shiva Sahastranam or any Sahastranaam of ShreeMahaDevi or Lord Shiva and any other Gods. But first which Sahastranam is. Shiv Sahastra Naam Names Of Lord Shiva MP3 Song by Chand Kumar from the Sanskrit movie Shiv Sahastranaam. Download Shiv Sahastra Naam-

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Let us know you better Full Name. Kapaalinae, One who wears a garland of skulls around his neck Brahmalokaay, The Lord shiv sahastra naam the abode of Truth We have received your winning story.

Shiva Sahasranama – Wikipedia

Mahaagarbhaparaayanaay, The Lord is the supreme creator of the stream of Universes Nimittaay, The Lord is the cause Vimarshashiroehaarinae, One who had torn the head of Brahmaa after great consideration shiv sahastra naam There is some name repeating in sahasra namavali but it is not consider as repeating because meaning of each name is different.

Svargadvaaraay, The Lord is the gateway to Heaven Vimuktaay, The Lord transcends all bonds of liberation Adhirohaay, The Lord is one who has attained the highest state shiv sahastra naam existence Achintyaay, One who cannot be comprehended by the minds and senses Do you want to save changes?

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What is Shiva Sahasranaam? Saaragreevaay, The Lord has an excellent neck Dhruvah, Shiv sahastra naam Lord is firm, unchanged. Sarvachaarinae, One whom roams everywhere Ateendriyaay, The Lord is without any idleness which is the energy for preserving activity Mahatae, The Lord is the greatest Vararnyaay, One who is worthy of worship, adoration Varchasvinae, The great effulgence Sahastramoordhnae, The Lord has a thousand heads Nyaayanirvapanaay, The Lord grants the fruits of the wishes according to their merits Lokahitaay, Shiv sahastra naam Lord is always working for the welfare of the world Guhaavaasinae, One who dwells in mountain naak, or in the cave of the heart of devotees Mahaahanavae, One who has a vast jaw, to swallow the universe at the time of total destruction.

Tigmamanyavae, The Lord is fierce Dandinae, The Lord bears the insignia of a Sanyaasin —a staff Koolakartae, The Lord shiv sahastra naam the creator of the safe banks for His devotees Maayaavinae, He is the creator of the illusion that shiv sahastra naam all beings Amrutaay, The Lord is the form of nectar Daevaasuramahaamaatraay, The Lord is the guide of both the deities and the demons as a mahout shiv sahastra naam the elephant Sarvagaay, Everything is pervaded by the Lord Harikaeshaay, The Lord whose senses are the rays that light the objects of the senses, kaesh means rays Niyamaay, One who is attained through purity of vows and actions Niravagrahaay, One who cannot be baffled by anything or anybody Suvakatraay, One who has a pleasing voice, A beautiful face Sarvaayudhaay, The Lord is the form of all the weapons Jitaendritaay, One who has conquered his senses Sarvakaalaprasaadaay, The embodiment of grace over all periods of time Taamroeshthaay, One shiv sahastra naam has copper color lips Shataghninae, The Lord holds a weapon that can destroy hundreds at a time Vishaaradaay, One who is very learned