The physical act of breathing is said to have a very subtle influence on the level of consciousness, and therefore the effects of Swara Yoga are also very subtle. Swara yoga is an ancient science of pranic body rhythms and explores how prana can be controlled through the breath. Traditionally a closely guarded science. Swara Yoga is the ancient science of pranic body rhythms which explains how the movement of prana can be controlled by manipulation of the breath. Recently .

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The major nadis In any electrical circuit, three specific wires are required for conduction – one positive, one negative and one neutral. It is through sushumna that the kundalini shakti, the high- 10 powered spiritual force, has to sciencs channelled. Many yogic scriptures only talk about five chakras along the vertebral column, others include ajna, but few include sahasrara.

The breath is man’s most valuable treasure because without it swarw cannot exist for more than three minutes.

Swara Yoga

It is a physiological fact that the instinctive portion of the brain is in constant use, whereas the higher frontal region is seldom used. Mantra brings liberation through reflection, and the same process takes place in regard to the breath.

In the Yoga Chudamani Upanishad it is explained that, “The breath goes out making the sound of Ham and comes in producing the sound So, swara yoga the tantric science of brain breathing the jiva continually repeats the mantra Ham-So 21, times every twenty-four hours.

After serving as a medical doctor in Malaya, he swara yoga the tantric science of brain breathing his practice, went to Rishikesh and was initiated into Dash- nami sannyasa in by Swami Vishwananda Saraswati. In the lower centres, matter is denser and awareness is dimmer, while in the higher centres awareness predominates and matter becomes increasingly more subtle up to sahasrara, which is pure awareness devoid of matter.

The aim of swara yoga is therefore to develop the shoonya swara by reducing the activities of the alternating breath. This rhythm regulates all the psychological and physiological processes. Thus the rhinencephalon is known as the ‘smell brain’. When both nostrils operate together, it indicates that the spiritual energy, the force of the atma, is in power. The Ultimate Beginners Running Guide: This is not religious terminology, it is purely scientific.


Sushumna emerges from the base of the spine, the same as ida and pingala, but without diverging right or left, it travels directly up through the centre, piercing the main chakras and plexuses along the route. Prana, apana and samana Each vayu is located in a different region of the body according to its particular direction of flow. Each capacity of mind and body is composed from the material of that kosha.

It emerges from the left side of mooladhara and spirals upwards, intersecting at the other four energy centres and plexuses in the spinal column, and comes to a point of 51 termination at the root of the left nostril, which joins ajna chakra, swara yoga the tantric science of brain breathing sixth energy centre.

In the course of time, matter evolves into energy and then into pure consciousness. The five sheaths Swara yoga describes man as being composed of five areas of existence, termed the pancha koshas. It is pure consciousness.

The role of ajna is associated with the functions of the pineal gland. The inventors, a husband and wife team called the Kirlians, came across the phenomena inand since then researchers have been photographing many different types of objects. It also flows during the exhilaration one feels after climbing a mountain or in completing an important task, and when sushumna flows the whole brain operates.

It certainly substantiates the idea of a person having two minds, swara yoga the tantric science of brain breathing positive and the other negative, and even the theory that there is a male and female side in everyone.

Mooladhara is the equivalent of sahasrara in the animal kingdom.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Some neurologists have described the right hemisphere as ‘sad’ and the left swara yoga the tantric science of brain breathing ‘happy ‘. These elements represent particular frequencies and states of prana and consciousness. The most powerful are prana and apana, the upward and downward movements. Open Preview See a Problem? You must be able to realize how prana manifests in all forms and that everything in creation is due to pranic movement.


Energy is the evolved form of matter. It is not just a hollow tube lying still and lifeless. Ida, pingala and sushumna We have been talking about fantric flow breatthing the breath, which creates a flow of energy in the body. It has a tanteic influence on the throat, tonsils, vocal cords, thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Swara Yoga – Bihar Yoga

There is a saying that man is born scieence and dies alone, but this is incorrect. Therefore, we should try to purify the whole system first, and then sushumna will automatically open. During his lifetime Swami Sivananda guided thousands of disciples and aspirants all over the world and authored over books.

Each kosha is indicative of a particular sphere of existence and uoga means ‘composed of. Mind 8 is one aspect, life force is another and spirit or soul is the bird. Mrs Julie rated it really liked it Feb 06, I have neither attachment to the world, nor to liberation.

Tne is due to the natural abundance of negative 20 ions that cluster in the atmosphere of such regions. Before the advance swara yoga the tantric science of brain breathing modern science, it was thought that this was created by the imagination of the artist.

The CNS carries swara yoga the tantric science of brain breathing to the whole system. It is this awareness which enables us to speed up the process of our evolution.

Then you can easily become absorbed in the process of meditation. In the process of evolution it manifests life. So, what is this relationship between the mind and karma?

When you are walking, talking, urinating or eating, it is physical action.