Spiritual THEORIES OF THE CHAKRAS It is an outstanding book from both the scientific and spiritual points of view. It is the unique r. Theories of the Bridge to Higher Consciousness HIROSHI MOTOYAMA Spiritual THEORIES OF THE CHAKRAS It is an outstanding book from both the scientific. Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness. Front Cover. Hiroshi Motoyama. New Age Books, – Chakras – pages.

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This contraction and relaxation, performed with a deeply meditative attitude and in complete stillness, is called vajroli. In this mudra, the student must try to ‘drink’ air through the mouth into the stomach not the lungsas if he theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama gulping water. Jalandhara bandha should be maintained until the breath can no longer be held comfortably. Concentrating on the perineum, alternately contract and relax it in a comfortable rhythm for five minutes.

II Yoga Asanas Many people associate asanas with physical exercise and vigorous movement. Located at the top of the head. Through trikonasana, the spine and spinal nerves are massaged, the theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama nervous system is gently stimulated, and the muscles of the lower back are stretched.

This bandha must be practiced carefully under expert guidance. In the final position, the hands should be at the same height as the ears, the arms outstretched but not straight.

Theories of the Chakras : Bridge to Higher Consciousness

Yogic Breathing Yogic breathing is a combination of abdominal breathing and chest breathing. Also controls the genito-urinary system. The entire nervous system is stimulated by this asana.


The energy level at these points is said to accurately reflect the condition of the entire meridian. In winter, the portion above ground may appear to have died: Close the ears with the thumbs, the eyes with the index fingers, the nostrils with the middle fingers, and the mouth by placing the ring and small fingers above and below the lips.

Relax the whole body. This mudra brings calmness of mind and removes tension and anger. Continue for a short time without strain. All the nadls are cleared of blockages, theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama flow of prana in the ida and pingala nadis is equalized, and the blood system is cleansed of toxins.

Chakrae Grosan rated it really liked it Jun 08, Repeat with the left knee. Motoyama’s experiments successfully integrate the subjective and objective dimensions of knowledge, and will ghe as guideposts and blueprints for experiments in the years ahead. This form of knowing may be called wisdom. Concentrate attention on the tip of the nose for a while, directing the closed eyes at the theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama point. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness – Hiroshi Motoyama – Google Books

Man can exist without a mind, provided he has discovered another mind behind this mind. This mudra has a subtle influence on the human body. Razvan Goldstein rated it liked it Sep 06, Relax the whole body with the palms mottoyama the knees and eyes closed. This should be a gentle process without theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama sudden movements or excessive strain anywhere in the body.


Gondwild rated it it was amazing May 01, Do not strain the lungs. The following descriptions of practices for awakening the chakras are largely based on Tantra of A’undalini Yoga by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Yoga Nidra Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Maintain for as long as is comfortably possible.

Agnisara kriya see Chap. Breathe deeply and slowly in the final pose. It can be theoeies for several hours. In the early stages of awakening, the chakras are usually perceived as wheels of light, or local auras, theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama various colors. This bandha is useful for removing or reducing stress, anxiety, theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama anger, and is an excellent pre- meditational practice.

However, when the subject, which confronts and stands in opposition to the object, is negated and transcended the essential nature of the object chkaras be perceived directly by the superconscious, rather than through the sensory organs.

Albert Einstein, the world has entered the nuclear era. Thus, the activation of the muladhara in the first part of the theoriew described here is an excellent preparation for the direct concentration on the ajna which follows.

The tongue is folded back so that its lower surface touches against the palate, as in khechari mudra see p.