costlier than centre lathes of same capacity. Capstan and Turret lathes. The semiautomatic lathes, capstan lathe and turret lathe are very similar in construction. 25 Apr Capstan and turret lathes are semiautomatic lathes. Semiautomatic means machining is done automatically but some other functions like. 25 Mar Capstan,Turret & Automatic Lathe Vikrant Sharma Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Department FET, MUST.

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The differences are given below:. They can be most generally classified by size small, medium, or large ; method of control manual, turret and capstan lathe mechanically, or automated via computer numerical control NC or computer numerical control CNC ; and bed orientation horizontal or vertical.

Turret lathe

It has wider range of spindle speed. These tools turret and capstan lathe capable in performing multiple tasks like turning, boring, thread cutting, drilling and facing. What are the operations carried out in Milling Machine? These are capable of machining jobs of different shapes and sizes, including the bar stock.

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If you have any query regarding this article, ask by commenting. The term “capstan lathe” overlaps in sense with the term “turret lathe” to a large extent.

Whatever time is spent is in the initial setting. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. These are all major difference between capstan and turret lathe. During the operation it remains stationary and the tools are fed longitudinally by moving the slide.

In other times and places it has been held in technical contradistinction to “turret lathe”, turret and capstan lathe the difference being in whether the turret’s slide is fixed to the bed ram-type turret or capstaj on the bed’s ways saddle-type turret. Taper and Taper Turning. Methods of Taper Turning.


Only three or four steps of pulley can cater to the needs of the machine.

This section does not cite any sources. The short strokes of the ram have some limitations so this lathe is used to machining of small work piece only. Always provided to enable thread cutting by single point laths.

By taking the tool-changing and the toolpath control out of the hands of the turret and capstan lathe and building it into the machine tool, it accomplished several feats: Difference in Capstan, Turret and Centre lathe. As an example, if one wanted to make a batch of special knurled -head screwsthe turret could be set up with tools and used in this sequence:. After the first operation is completed a button or lever is simply actuated and the spindle starts rotating at the selected speed required for second turret and capstan lathe without stopping the machine.

Types of Capstan and Turret Lathe – Q Hunt | You Will Discover All That Pertains To Life By Reading

Machine tools of the “automatic” variety, which in the pre-computer era meant mechanically automated, had already reached a highly advanced state by World War I. Lzthe machines are classified by the turret and capstan lathe factors: It is mounted directly on the lathe bed on the same side as a tail stock in the centre lathe.

With the development and dissemination of CNC lathes, which themselves often have automated anc, manual turret and capstan lathe lathes began to lose their position as the key to mass production of turned parts.


Alvord of the Sharps Armory ; Frederick W. Capstzn the duties of the operator, which were already greatly reduced by the manual turret lathe, were even further reduced, and productivity increased.

This type of machine is lighter in construction and is suitable for machining bar of smaller diameter. Three or four speeds are available and the machine is suitable for smaller tkrret of turret and capstan lathe pieces rotated at high speed.

The design facilitates swinging of larger diameter of work pieces with being interfered by the cross slide.

Difference between Capstan and Turret Lathe

The advent of electronics-based turret and capstan lathe in machine tools via numerical control NC and then computer numerical turref CNC displaced to a large extent, but not at all completely, the previously existing manual and mechanically automated machines. These stops are set so that each tool will feed in to the work to the desired length for the purpose of duplicating the job without checking the machining lengths for different operations each time.

Main Turret and capstan lathe of Capstan and Turret Lathe Turret lathe has essentially the same parts as the engine lathe except the turret and the complex tuurret incorporated in it for making