The VICS (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards) Bill Of Lading (BOL) provides inventory-processing information through supply chain to a shipper. Table 1. VICS Bill Of Lading for Shipment, SHIP FROM. Fields. Name, The company that is shipping the product. Address, The shipper’s street address. II. The Standard Bill of Lading Form GS1 US VICS Standard BOL http //www. gs1us. org/ then click Logistics for complete BOL guideline information. Date BILL .

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You may have to create a custom page in asp.

Use Line Item Description as commodity description: Typically, similar items with the same class are grouped under one general description. Wednesday, May 2, 9: This is the default setting. Disables the following settings under Shipment Processing: It is predefined by V-Technologies and cannot vics bol altered.

When a shipper manually enters the Bill of Lading, StarShip cannot vics bol the correspondence between items in the shipment and items on the Bill of Lading. Inclusion of the UCC vics bol generates system-wide unique bill of lading number that helps retailer systems track each shipment with a unique handle.

View, Print Bill of Lading VICS BOL Sample

Vics bol document must accompany the shipped goods, no matter the form of transportation, and must be signed by vics bol authorized representative from the carrier, shipper and receiver. Note that in order to leave shipment items loose or loose on a pallet, this option must be set to Straight.

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As per Investopedia Bill of Lading is a legal document between the shipper of a particular good and the carrier detailing the type, quantity and destination vics bol the good being carried.

When selected, the BOL tab will not have a Group field and the Commodity Description field will be blank until filled in vics bol the user. These properties are the basic vics bol factors used by carriers in rating shipments.

Print VICS BOL to a Plain Paper LaserJet from any ERP, WMS, YMS, or Logistics system

You would then enter the BOL manually on the Shipment tab. The bill of lading can vics bol be considered a receipt. Use NMFC description as commodity description: StarShip will generate the BOL entries and the shipper cannot create them manually.

With the new template open in the Template Designer, navigate to the Customer Order Information and locate the Weight field. In addition to the details contained in the Straight BOL, vics bol version contains information regarding the order vics bol fulfilled, including details about the order s from which each item in the shipment originates.

VICS Bill of Lading

This data displays in the Shipment tab under General Information section and when you click Print Shipment on the vics bol. Its not a straight forward design for two tables stacked one above other and repeat same across the pages.

You can define the items that vics bol ship with varying degrees of freight classification. Otherwise, you may not receive the correct type or number of labels.

This choice is available for both Bill of Lading Types: Also if the text is too large to fit in a row, the report should wrap the text into the second line view screen shot Ronnie.

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StarShip populates the bill of lading using item packing and classification information. Create new group vics bol and commodity description s based on freight class: This setting also affects the Classification columns shown in the Shipping Assistant. StarShip will automatically generate a group name and commodity description for items vics bol are not already assigned to a group, based vics bol the freight class.

What is Bill vics bol Lading? This is the most commonly used type and consists of all vicw details required to complete a contract with a freight shipper regarding transport of the items being shipped. This field is for display only. Double-click, or right-click and select Edit, to open the Edit window.

I think I agree with you, this type of report vics bol be done in RS.

Enterprise Products

The form and guidelines for use are available for download on the VICS website at this address: Use Line Item Number plus Description as commodity description: Click here for more info. This affects the amount of classification information shown in the Shipping Assistant. For example, if an item vics bol a freight class of Bool setting also affects the amount vics bol classification information shown in the Shipping Assistant.