BASIC WALLYBALL RULES. 1. Service area is three feet from each end of the court. 2. The match is won when one team wins the best of three games. A game . Wallyball Rules. Rule 1: Facility | Rule 2: Player Eligibility | Rule 3: Team Composition | Rule 4: Equipment | Rule 5: Beginning a Match | Rule 6: Match. Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play. All basic volleyball rules apply except for the listed exceptions. Three players from each team.

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The game now has its own designated rules and regulations, is played in nations across the world and is wallyball rules by the American Wallyball Association.

Spin is allowed, but only if done so by hitting the ball off centre. Open league teams consist of 3 players, male or female in any combination.

However, the injured player may not return for the remainder of the match. Wallyball rules game shall exceed 17 points.

Wallyball Rules

If two players on the same team, hit the ball wallyball rules, it counts as one hit and either player can play the next hit. However, once seen in action, it becomes ruoes clear and its simplicity and effectiveness can be wallyball rules.

The equipment needed to play Wallyball is minimal, and really only consists of a court and a ball. There will be no cap on points in the third game.

One 1 time-out will be allowed per team per game. Points are scored on each service up until one team reaches what wallyball rules known as the freeze point. Violators will be asked to leave the area.


It doesn’t matter whether you play socially or competitively, the basic game and ball handling rules of the game should apply. The ball wallyball rules not need to touch another player before crossing wallyball rules the net into the opponent’s court. A match of Wallyball is won wallyball rules one team reaches the required number of points to win the game, which can be 15, 18 or 21 points depending upon the game. The service area is three 3 feet from the back wall.

Wallyball Rules

Most wallyballs are the same size and weight of a standard bladder volleyball however, regulation wallyballs are made of rubber instead of leather. However there are some fundamental differences, the main one being that players are allowed wallyball rules utilise the walls and ricochet the ball off there.

The ball wallyball rules be out of bounds whenever it contacts the ceiling or the back wall on the opponent’s side. For a listing wallyball rules facilities with wallyball courts, please click here.

However, techniques to place any type of curve on the ball are largely wallyball rules, such as spiking or the paintbrush technique.

In addition, League and Tournament Directors may change rules stated in this manual in order to meet their specific circumstances.

Welcome to Brock University

If the teams are tied atthe next point scored will determine the winner. Games are 30 minutes in length. wallyball rules

A coin is tossed again if a third and deciding game is needed. What is the difference between a volleyball wallyball rules a wallyball ball? The team may deflect the ball off of the back wall wallyball rules their side of the court only.


Team rosters will be formed based on the players who compete wallyball rules the team’s first regular season game sign-in at the courts on the night of the game.

This is done by helping players understand the different playing divisions that are available in a wallyball tournament. In Wallyball rules, IL, a high school physical education teacher and a wallyball rules of his students, including Mark Decker sat down to create a game that combined several skills from other games that would be used for indoor play during bad weather situations.

The AWA rulebook was used as a guideline.

Wallyball Rules | Florida State University Campus Recreation

If the ball crosses the net after contacting the ceiling without making wallyball rules with a player, a side-out or point will be awarded. If a ball is wallyball rules on a block, the team still has 3 hits and the blocker can make wallyball rules any of these hits. Holding, pushing, scooping, lifting or carrying the ball is not allowed, it must be a clean hit.

The above basic rules are only to simplify the understanding of the game and should not in anyway replace the interpetation of the offical rule book.